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EDIFACTViewer.com helps you doing your day-to-day and bug hunting work with EDIFACT files. Web-based and free of charge!
Double check your EAI system, streamline your data interchange, control if your EDI mapping's right, or use this site as a light-weight online EDIFACT viewer.

The EDIFACT file will be shown as follows:

  • conveniently cut at the segments and
  • with line numbering.

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You can overwrite the example we provided below. Just upload a local EDIFACT file. To do so, double click on the file (notepad.exe opens). Then mark and copy its contents by pressing CTRL-A, then CTRL-C. Then click with the mouse cursor in the following field and press CTRL-V to paste.


Empty Element We Need You! ;-)

  1. Service String advice
    UNA:+.? 1: Service String advice
  2. Interchange Header
    UNB+UNOC:3+Example Sender+Example Receiver+060620:0931+1++1234567 2: Interchange Header
  3. Message Header
    UNH+1+ORDERS:D:96A:UN 3: Message Header
  4. Beginning of message
    BGM+220+B10001 4: Beginning of message
  5. Date/time/period
    DTM+4:20060620:102 5: Date/time/period
  6. Name and address
    NAD+BY+++Customer?'s name+High Street+Example Town++23436+xx 6: Name and address
  7. Line item
    LIN+1++Product Screws:SA 7: Line item
  8. Quantity
    QTY+1:1000 8: Quantity
  9. Section Control
    UNS+S 9: Section Control
  10. Control total
    CNT+2:1 10: Control total
  11. Message Trailer
    UNT+9+1 11: Message Trailer
  12. Interchange Trailer
    UNZ+1+1234567 12: Interchange Trailer